The RACGP College Crest
In 1960 Dr William Arnold Conolly was able to discuss the proposals with the Council of the British College in London, especially in relation to establishing a permanent link between the two Colleges in the detail of their respective Arms, and then to meet with the Richmond Herald to finalise the details.



“银色十字架上红色叉形员工缠绕有蛇或六分白金四鲻鱼之间的波峰上的花圈Azure和红色金色的金合欢树开花和阔叶正确的。Mantled Azure和红色,加倍银色。在德克斯特侧的袋鼠正确,在险恶的一面麒麟银色武装unguled crined和簇绒或”。

The following explanation is offered in more familiar terms for the uninitiated amongst us. The red cross on the shield is the universal badge of the medical services to which the College belongs while the staff and serpent, the ancient emblem of Aesculapius, are guarded by four stars signifying the Southern Cross; each star has six points to represent the six faculties of the College. The crest is the living golden wattle tree in full bloom. This Australian tree has its place in the pharmacopoeia and it stresses the fact that the College is a vital, growing entity. The wreath on which the crest stands and the mantling are blue and red, as is the College gown.